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Peer Reviewed Journal Publications:

  1. Suresh, A. & Cordes, J. M., "Induced Polarization from Birefringent Pulse Splitting in Magneto-ionic Media", ApJ 870, 29, 2019. [ADS]
  2. Suresh, A. , Sharma, R., Oberoi, D., Das, S. B., Pankratius, V., Timar, B., Lonsdale, C. J., et al. (39 authors), "Wavelet-based Characterization of Small-scale Solar Emission Features at Low Radio Frequencies", ApJ 843, 19, 2017. [ADS]

Contributed Conference Talks:

  1. [NANOGrav Fall Meeting, 2019]  The Breakthrough Listen Galactic Center Survey using the Green Bank Telescope.

Institute Seminars:

  1. [NCRA-TIFR Seminar, 2019]  Birefringent Pulse Splitting in Magneto-ionic Media.
  2. [UC Berkeley SETI Seminar, 2018]  Propagation-induced Effects on Fast Radio Bursts and Extraterrestrial Intelligence Signals.